Yep, it's Wu-Tang vs the Mercury winners...

Wu-Tang Clan icon RZA has stepped in to remix alt-j's breakthrough track 'Breezeblocks'.

alt-j's rise was as effortless as it was unexpected. Debut album 'An Awesome Wave' fuses off-kilter songwriting with rhythms which nodded towards bass culture - all sung in falsetto.

Picking up the Barclaycard Mercury Prize, the backlash soon started. "It's just beige" argued critics, before no doubt adding "it's all so expected, so rote". Well, this is certainly unexpected.

Breakthrough cut 'Breezeblocks' has been re-worked by Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA who completes a bizarre, striking take on the original. RZA pushes the rhythm until it almost starts skanking, with the percussion built out of odd clicks and whirrs which sound a little like an alarm clock.

Check it out below.

Funnily enough... Clash spoke to RZA as part of an extensive feature on Wu-Tang Clan and the ways of Shaolin - find that feature HERE.

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