It's a mind-blowing epic...

Lana Del Rey has finally unveiled the lavish video for 'Freak' - and it's a mind-blowing epic.

Truly, if ever one document could re-define Lana as a portal to sensuality in its most mystical sense then it's this clip.

The video opens with Father John Misty strutting through long grass, brandishing a hefty (and perhaps symbolic) stick.

Chancing upon Lana Del Rey, he walks - entranced - behind her. Close enough to break on her neck, but sadly not close enough to touch.

Father John Misty then plays alone, strumming (in a manner that might just be symbolic) on his guitar. Bathed in sunlight, Lana Del Rey then places a tab on his tongue...

At which point the clip takes a turn for the lysergic. Drugged out and fancy free, Father John Misty explores the furthest, most beautiful reaches of his sexuality - dancing with magical maidens, cavorting with flaxen dames.

The clip then plunges underwater, the dance routine continuing in languid abandon. Every motion feels effortless, their weight supported by the upward rush of the tide itself.

And that's where we leave Father John - surrounded by magical under-water maidens, the gates of perception left firmly open. It's a trip, trust us.

Watch 'Freak' below.

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