New album 'Day Fever' on February 24th...
Dear Reader

Dear Reader has shared new track 'I Know You Can Hear It'.

The South African songwriter will release new album 'Day Fever' on February 24th, with the title referring to an old term for hysteria.

New cut 'I Know You Can Hear It' is online now, and it pits a dreamy atmosphere against a subtly cinematic orchestration.

Rooted in that biting vocal, it's an impressive return from an artist who always surprises. Director Annikki Heinemann, explains the video:

"Dear Reader's song deals with the theme of death, so we decided to tell the story of a young man who has died, and his transition into the next realm. Cherilyn and her band mates play four 'ferrywomen' who help guide the man to the afterlife, and rather than a place to be feared, it is a place where he can be free."

Tune in now.

'Day Fever' will be released on February 24th. Tracklisting:

1. Oh, The Sky!
2. Tie Me To The Ground
3. So Pretty So Pathetic
4. Mean Well
5. Wake Him
6. Placate Her
7. If Only
8. I Know You Can Hear It (video)
9. Nothing Melodious
10. Then, Not Now
11. The Run

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