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Becky Hill

Becky Hill is one of the most recognisable voices in pop, an artist who has worked on some smash hit singles.

As a collaborator Becky has sat down in the studio with Rudimental, MK, Wilkinson, and more, but it's on her own that she truly excels.

An independent force, she dug into her personal life for new single 'Rude Love'. “I was seeing one of my friends,” Becky recalls, “and he got with this new girl and I was like, ‘how long have I got left then?’ And he went: ‘until the end of the month?’ I was like, right — I didn't know I was like a flat you were putting in notice on.”

Heading into the studio, 'Rude Love' is the result - a sizzling statement of empowerment, it's a fiery anthem for the summer months (order LINK).

Becky Hill recently sat down to re-work the track, steering it in an acoustic direction. Displaying a rather more tender, soulful side, you can check out the performance below.

Catch Becky Hill at London's KOKO on October 19th.

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