Following criticism of 1Xtra's Power List...
Ed Sheeran

The issue of 'black music' has always been a fairly nebulous, controversial topic.

Do you re-strict the term to race? Does 'black music' itself become a genre? When lines become blurred, where can definitions be drawn?

In fairness, probably Ed Sheeran. The ginger-mopped songwriter won this year's Power List on BBC 1Xtra, a station billed as one of the country's leading supporters of black music.

Widely criticised - notably by grime pioneer Wiley - the BBC has now moved to re-affirm its support of black music. BBC Radio 1Xtra's music manager Austin Daboh defended the list, quoted on BBC Newsbeat as saying: "Every single day of the week, every single hour of the day we support black artists and other races that make black music sounds. I think that anyone who wants to bring race into the discussion is probably a little bit misguided."

Continuing, Daboh explained that Ed Sheeran represented 1Xtra's ability to break new talent. "Ed Sheeran's another example of who 1Xtra found, we helped nurture," he said. "Maybe his journey onto eventually the Radio 1 playlist and other big playlists around the world might have been a little bit slower if it wasn't for 1Xtra's support."

So what do you think? Does 1Xtra truly represent black British music? Get involved on Twitter.

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