K-Gee gets to work on 'This Is A War'
All Saints

All Saints were always a little bit different.

Whereas other pop stars preened and posed for the cameras, if this lot didn't fancy it, well, they didn't do it.

Full stop, end of discussion. Delivering perfect pop amid an atmosphere of resolute independence, All Saints seemed to nurture a sense of devotion that many of their rather more artificial peers lacked.

Perhaps this is why the group's reformation has charmed fans. New album 'Red Flag' is out now, with sold out shows finding lines of expectant worshippers snaking round the block.

'This Is A War' seems to follow them wherever they go. A statement of intent, it's a moody piece of pristine melody such as only All Saints can provide.

K-Gee goes to work on the remix, slapping down a hip-hop beat and incorporating new material from Marlon Bernard.

Check it out now.

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