A murky, nocturnal journey through some inspired climes...

Jimpster is a self-confessed creature of the night, an artist who only seems to come alive when the sun goes down.

A true wandering spirit, his varied adventures across a twin decade career have spanned the entire spectra of electronic music.

Returning to the full length format with 'Silent Stars', Jimpster manages to incorporate his varied influences while still adding further innovation without losing sight of the record's coherency.

He explains: "'The Silent Stars' LP came together over the past 18 months and it felt like the right time to look back to before the turn of the millennium when I made my debut album 'Messages From The Hub', draw some inspiration from where I was at musically back then, and try to apply those influences and processes to how I work today."

"Technology has moved so quickly and it’s easy to get stuck in a pattern of working which can sometimes hold you back and slow things down which in turn, can zap the life out of a project. By focusing a bit more on a hardware-based approach in the studio, as well as proper real-time writing and recording sessions with the collaborators made the experience more enjoyable and hopefully that comes through in the music too."

The results contain remarkable depth. Jimpster moves from the jazz leanings of opening cut 'Migrations' to the minimal bounce of the title cut, from the dancefloor spring of 'Yansa' to the orchestral sweep of 'Tau Tona'.

"As with all my LP’s it’s important to try and make something with a depth that demands repeated listens and gets under your skin over a period of time rather than just a couple of strong club tracks and some token filler ‘down tempo’ songs to pad things out."

"With people’s attention spans getting shorter and shorter when it comes to music it’s definitely a challenge, but having been releasing music since 1991 the LP format is something I still hold close to my heart."

Out tomorrow (May 12th) - pre-order LINK you can stream the record up front on Clash.

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