"Dude, suck my dick."

Adele has hit back at her critics, with an amusingly foul-mouthed onstage message.

Tony Visconti - best known for his work with David Bowie - gave an interview recently, and was asked about modern pop music.

"You turn the radio on and it's fluff, you are listening to 90% computerized voices," he said. "We know Adele has a great voice, but it's even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated."

Adele addressed the comments directly - during a recent concert she told the crowd: "Some dickhead ... tried to say that my voice isn't me on record. Dude, suck my dick."

Watch footage of the remark below.

The result? Tony Visconti has apologised. Speaking to Billboard the producer said: "I’m sorry that what I said in regards to what’s being played on radio was misconstrued yet I cannot apologize for something taken the wrong way. If Adele has taken my comments as offensive that was certainly not my intent. Adele has a great voice and it brings pleasure to millions."

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