New album 'Soulfire' is out now...

Stevie Van Zandt is set to play a flurry of live shows later this year.

Best known as Bruce Springsteen's right-hand man for a number of decades, the guitarist and songwriter also took a starring role in The Sopranos.

Multi-talented, Stevie Van Zandt released new album 'Soulfire' earlier this year, a return to original studio work after a short break.

“I’ve always been very thematic with my work, very conceptual,” Van Zandt says. “I need a big picture, I can’t just do a collection of songs, that doesn’t work for me. In this case, the concept became me. Who am I? I’m kind of my own genre at this point. So I tried to pick material that when you added it all up, really represented me. So there are a couple of covers, a couple of new songs, and some of what I feel are the best songs I’ve written and co-written over the years. This record is me doing me.”

Hitting the road, Stevie Van Zandt will play a number of UK shows, opening at London's Roundhouse venue on November 4th.

The songwriter then plays Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, and Newcastle, backed by his band Disciples Of Soul.

Catch Stevie Van Zandt at the following shows:

4 London Roundhouse
6 Bristol O2 Academy
8 Leeds O2 Academy
10 Birmingham O2 Academy
12 Glasgow O2 Academy
14 Liverpool O2 Academy
16 Newcastle O2 Academy

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