Rose Villain
The stylish pop newcomer names some important touchstones...

There's a sense of drama to Rose Villain's work that borders on the cinematic.

New single 'Kitty Kitty' is an emphatic piece of electronic pop, a cut that bristles with impeccable energy.

Part of something rather exciting indeed, the Milan-born and New York-based newcomer seems to have a pop vision that broadens with each passing day.

Clash wanted to explore her world further, so Rose Villain penned a few words on her film influences, and her favourite directors.

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When I compose I always tend to get my biggest inspiration from the masters of the cinema. The visuals are very vivid in my songs and with my producer SIXPM, we try to paint a trippy picture with twists and climaxes and suspense and then try to put it into music. Below are the directors that had an impact on my creativity and that I respect and love a lot.

The Coen Brothers
These two. Oh my God. They mix the classic with the modern in such a cool way and their sarcasm is always on point. Subtle, dark but extremely fresh. In my songs I play a lot with the irony and the macabre, like in 'Ladykillers' or 'Burn After Reading'. Their characters are original and oddly detailed, I want my songs to be as iconic as the Dude.

Quentin Tarantino
My big love. Pop culture master. All his movies have an attention and perfectionism for the shot that make every scene unbelievably unique. Dark, raw, fun, pulp, smart, over the top. These are the words to describe his work best in my opinion and the elements I always strive to add to all my songs. You’ll find a lot of Mia Wallace and The Bride in my music.

David Lynch
What I always find fascinating with Lynch is the ability to put an oneiric blur on all his works. It feels like it all comes straight from a very weird dream. I dream so much, wake up at night and write everything down not to forget and to write a song about it. I want to learn to integrate Lynch’s same surrealistic and obscure imaginary to each track.

Stanley Kubrick
Another personal favourite of mine. His obsession with photography and aesthetics is crazy. He is provocative and dangerous but even the darkest and strongest scenes have an extraordinary elegance. I want to risk in music, make statements and scare people a little, but if I do so with a Kubrick charm, I’m in for the win.

Martin Scorsese
Last but not least. The great king of beautiful violence. I love how his characters have all deep dark impulses they cannot bare and make them crazy. All my songs have a (often subtle) violent content and each track that comes out of me feels like a secret I’ve been trying to hide. Now, Mr. Scorsese, can I borrow Leonardo Di Caprio?

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Rose Villain's new single 'Kitty Kitty' is out now.

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