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Independent Label Market

One of London's most iconic commercial spaces, the Old Spitalfields Market is always a hive of energy, industry and passion.

However, the Independent Label Market adds something new. Breaking down the barriers between music fans and their favourite imprints, organisers invite label bosses to host their own market stall in this east London space.

Growing in size with each instalment, the latest edition promises to be quite special. Taking place tomorrow (July 13th) in Spitalfields, the Independent Label Market will be buzzing with fans and industry insiders, each attempting to nudge the other out the way to get at some exclusive new release.

Clash will be in attendance, hosting our own stall. Why not come and say hello? We'll have plenty of rare back issues, y'know... With the team preparing for the event, Clash decided to peer through the list of exclusive releases, to cherry-pick a few outstanding contributions.

- - -

Comet Gain 7” (Where It’s At Is Where You Are) (as nominated by Cai Triefor)
The under-acknowledged Comet Gain have inspired us ever since we heard ‘Moments In The Snow’ from their album 'Réalistes' (2002). Its profound narrative is propelled by a vivid clean guitar sound that’s sensitively aware of the space the words need to be delivered with conviction, while the angelic chorus gives it its pop sensibility. We’ll be there to see what marvel they have released this year.

Atoms For Peace – hand screen printed vinyl (XL Recordings) (as nominated by Cai Triefor)
Thom Yorke’s supergroup Atoms For Peace have crafted a similar direction to 'The Eraser', Thom Yorke’s first solo album. His voice remains much the same, and the group pushes its instruments in directions where they become almost unrecognisable in order for them to arrive at something original, ambient, yet restless. With such detailed instrumentation, owning it on vinyl would bring out qualities that are potentially missed on a compressed digital format.

Neon Neon signed merch (Lex Records) (as nominated by Cai Triefor)
Having signed merch form Neon Neon would be a handy reminder to listen to them more regularly. Gruff Rhys, one-half of this transatlantic outfit, knows his way around a cracking tune, and his distinctive Welsh tones are mesmerisingly tuneful. They'll always be a staple for us.

The Bug  'Filthy' EP (Ninja Tune) (as nominated by Felicity Martin)
The lovely Ninja lot will be selling all manner of hot vinyl treats, and we'll be nabbing a copy of The Bug's new 'Filthy' EP, which features cameos from Flowdan, Danny Brown and Daddy Freddy over some sub-shattering dread bass. With stunning, microscopically detailed artwork from Zeke Clough, don't sleep on this one.

Lone  'Airglow Fires' 12" (R&S Records) (as nominated by Felicity Martin)
Here at Clash we were mightily impressed with Matt Cutler aka Lone's 'Airglow Fires' - in all its astral choir synth, twinkling glock glory. So, naturally, we'll pay R&S a visit to pick up a cheeky 12" for our collection (and while we're there, might be tempted by some Nadine Shah and Vondelpark).

!K7 ice pop / Lex cupcake (as nominated by Felicity Martin)
It's set to be a scorcher on Saturday, and what better way to cool down than wrapping your lips around an icy treat from !K7 / Strut, who'll be dishing out branded lollies. Hopefully there'll still be room to sample some of Lex's cupcakes, baked specially by the label's manager, with the iconic logo stamped on them.

I Break Horses – 'Denial' (Bella Union) (as nominated by Robin Murray)
Returning Swedes gain a 12" vinyl pressing. Responsible for one of the finest debut LPs to grace 2011, 'Hearts', Clash awaits the duo’s forthcoming follow-up with bated breath. ‘Denial’ is the first track to appear from said LP, and you can purchase it first at the Independent Label Market.

4AD – signed records (as nominated by Robin Murray)
4AD isn't giving much away, but the label has promised to bring along some signed albums. Given that their roster stretches back to Cocteau Twins and extends onwards through Zomby and Daughter, this isn’t likely to be some lightweight offering. Make time to stop at their stall and expect the unexpected.

Hookworms – 'Pearl Mystic' (Gringo Records stall) (as nominated by Robin Murray)
Named as one of 2013’s most underrated records of 2013 so far on Clash, the cause of Hookworms’ debut ‘Pearl Mystic’ has almost been hampered by its own success. The vinyl edition is long since sold out, but Gringo have pressed up a limited amount for fans.

Marshall Teller tote bag (as nominated by Robin Murray)
Because you’ll need something to carry all that stunning music home in.

- - -

The Independent Label Market takes place in Old Spitalfields Market, London, from 11am until 5pm on July 13th.

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