Domino rockers share some famous references…
Archie Bronson Outfit

Deep of groove, raw of heart, bold of spirit: Archie Bronson Outfit’s comeback LP after four years away from record-releasing ways, ‘Wild Crush’, is all of these things. A famous mix of elements, so it is. And loosely on topic, the band’s S Windett and Arp Cleveland have put together this Playlist for Clash, which sequences songs featuring mentions of some celebrity sacks of skin and bone.

After the video for their own song, ‘We Are Floating’…

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Archie Bronson Outfit, ‘We Are Floating’, from ‘Wild Crush’

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Sonic Youth – ‘Tunic (Song For Karen)’

“From ‘Goo’ (1990), Sonic Youth’s tribute to Karen Carpenter places her in heaven with Elvis and Janis Joplin. I always loved Kim Gordon’s cool, disaffected vocal delivery. The song has a great pace and urgency while remaining slack and dreamy. Still a great sounding song and record.”

- - -

Le Tigre – ‘Hot Topic’

“From ‘Le Tigre’ (1999). Hammering away on a one key riff is Le Tigre’s tribute to dozens of female artists, musicians, writers that have inspired them. The Slits, Yoko Ono, Aretha Franklin, to name but a few.”

- - -

Bongwater – ‘Nick Cave Dolls’

“‘The Power Of Pussy’ (1991). A tripped-out, sexy monologue from Ann Magnuson about wandering around Hollywood Boulevard and discovering that you can now buy Nick Cave Dolls.”

- - - 

LCD Soundsystem – ‘Losing My Edge’

“What a classic! A song about the fear of becoming uncool, it sets out a list of the cool bands he – James Murphy – loves and ‘found’ first. It’s about the ability to harness cool or cool-by-association; of course, the song transcends the very theme of being uncool and un-edgy by being ace, timeless and very cool itself!”

- - -

The Silver Jews – ‘Death Of An Heir Of Sorrows’

“From ‘Bright Flight’ (2001). A sad and sweet poem about personal loss and seemingly unattainable desires – I always love the lines, ‘I wish I had a thousand bucks / I wish I was the Royal Trux.’ It has a late-night melancholy that seems to sit at around three in the morning, with a kinda drunken sounding delivery from DC Berman. Ambiguity, humour and sensitivity all wrapped up in this classic Silver Jews album closer.”

- - -

Sons And Daughters – ‘Johnny Cash’

“From ‘Love The Cup’ (2003/2004). Smart, street-fighting music from our angsty friends in the north. A Scottish nugget.”

- - -

Frank Zappa – ‘Elvis Has Just Left The Building’

“From ‘Broadway The Hard Way’ (1988). A pretty rubbish Zappa song about Elvis entering into heaven. It’s not great, but has a few good lines about his bell-bottom jumpsuits and Elvis looking like a warthog on heat.”

- - -

Joe Gideon & The Shark – ‘Kathy Ray’

“From ‘Harum Scarum’ (2009). Gideon, the singer, gets stopped in a street of North London by a lady asking for money who, it transpires, used to be a backing singer for Ray Charles and Eurythmics. Ace lyrics that describe her sad reality to a what-could-have-been life, here given one last shot for glory.”

- - -

Pavement – ‘Unseen Power Of The Picket Fence’

“From the ‘Shady Lane’ 7” (1993) and ‘Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA’s Desert Origins’ (2004). A great Pavement discordant riff with a funny and kindly summation of R.E.M. and its various members with some Southern States politics thrown in for good measure. It talks of the singer’s long hair and the bass man having ‘all the right moves’ and R.E.M.’s ‘Time After Time” being Stephen Malkmus’s least favourite song; all delivered with Pavement’s familiar detached kool surrealism.”

- - -

Roy Orbison – ‘Hound Dog Man’

“From ‘Laminar Flow’ (1979). Another very different tribute to Elvis, who was an idol to Orbison.”

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‘Wild Crush’ is released on May 19th. Find the band online here.

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