Tracing their gentle evolution...

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell about as close as you can be.

The pair met as teenagers back in 2011, and instinctively knew that they saw the world in a similar light.

Entranced by music, their gentle evolution has taken them from friends' parties to some historic venues, with the duo wrapping their voices around each other.

Overcoats allows their gifts full expression, with debut album 'YOUNG' bringing together those loose strands, passing fancies, and life-changing adventures.

Hana and JJ penned a few words for Clash, matching those epochal moments to the songs that under-pinned them...

- - -

- - -

1. Connecticut, United States: Sylvan Esso - 'Hey Mami'

2014: Musical awakening through the growing pains of college. We remember dancing to this song, putting it on at parties, mourning the changes ahead - this was a song that really inspired us to go for making the kind of art we wanted to make. It's so unique, asymmetrical, and it doesn't follow the rules.

- - -

2. Dublin, Ireland: Shakey Graves - 'Dearly Departed'

2015: We spent three months living in Dublin, armed with nothing but Hana's acoustic guitar and all our savings from summer jobs during college. We played open mic nights four times a week, sang in the Italian restaurant on our block, took day trips to the west coast, and drank Guiness til we fell over. One of the only songs in our repertoire was 'Dearly Departed' by Shakey Graves, a duet that he performs with the gorgeous Esme Patterson. The song healed us, scared away lonely thoughts, and kept us going.

- - -

3. Cornwall, UK: The Staves - 'Let Me Down'

2015: We remember long drives through the countryside listening to 'If I Was' by The Staves, singing in harmony in the back-seat. Swimming off the rocks in gorgeous seaside villages, drinking too much cider, and writing the guitar parts to '23' and 'Nighttime Hunger' (both on our debut album, 'YOUNG')...

- - -

4. West Virginia, United States: The Dixie Chicks - 'Easy Silence'

2016: We drove 14 hours to Charleston, and 14 hours back to play NPR's Mountain Stage. 16 minutes of music, the loveliest crew we've ever met, and watching Ra Ra Riot's set. On the drive back to New York, through the stunning landscapes, we listened to all of the Dixie Chicks discography, (re)discovering that each of us knew every word. To every song.

- - -

5. New York, United States: Kanye West - 'Fade'

2017: 25 pre-show rituals under our belts dancing to "Fade," we put it on whenever we want to feel like we can take on the world. Watching the video of Teyana Taylor doesn't hurt either. Embracing our lives as touring musicians, we find ourselves listening to songs that help us dance away our worries.

- - -

Overcoats' new album 'YOUNG' will be released on April 21st.

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