The sounds that fuel debut album 'Silhouettes'...

Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher grew up across the road from one another, but it took a connection on SoundCloud to really break the ice.

Fascinated by music, the pair quickly found that their points of inspiration overlapped, and began challenging each other to craft something new.

Aquilo is the result. The production duo sluice together proto-techno and warm house sounds, with a pop touch bringing the whole mixture together.

Supremely visual - each video from the duo feels like an event - debut album 'Silhouettes' received lavish praise on these here pages on its release.

Clash invited Tom and Ben to reveal a few sounds that make them tick...

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Ben Fletcher...

George Harrison - 'Run Of The Mill'

Unlike most I wasn’t too familiar with The Beatles growing up. I’d heard so much about them and maybe that's what steered me away from digging through mum and dad's records to see what the fuss was about.

I had this friend I used to sit next to on the way to school. He’d play so much music and I’d occasionally borrow a headphone and listen in. He was playing this repetitive song with honestly some of the most warming, wise lyrics I’d heard at the time. ‘Tomorrow when you rise, another day for you to realise me’ - it stuck with me all day. Turns out it was off a George Harrison solo album. It feels like the perfect pop song to me.

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Gallagher And Lyle - 'Breakaway'

This is a song my mum and dad always used to play around the house. It’s just a lovely song really. When I got my first turntable I dug through all of their old records and found the vinyl for this song and on the back it had ‘To Sarah, have the best birthday, Andy’. Dad bought it for her 19th birthday so it’s become a bit of a family song for me, my brother and sister. Gallagher and Lyle were two Scottish musicians that ended up being signed by The Beatles in the 70’s and from then on wrote some pretty special songs for other artists.

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Steely Dan - 'AJA'

'AJA' I reckon is Steely Dan's best album. My dad would often play some of the guitar riffs off this album on his guitar. I remember being determined as a kid to learn the song 'Josie' on guitar. It took me a while but (sort of) got there. The musicianship is truly remarkable and if you're EVER in need of a song to pick you up, listen to Peg.

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Tom Higham...

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - 'The River (Live/1975-85)'

My dad has always been a big Bruce fan and it’s worn off on me. The original is brilliant but this live version is something special. He spends a few minutes explaining the song before he plays it. He tells this beautiful story about him and his father and growing up in his world. If you’re going to listen to it, listen to the live version.

- - -

Oceansize - 'Music For A Nurse'

This was one of the first progressive rock songs I truly obsessed over. It was just such an inspirational sound and will always stick with me. I was very sad to hear the band had split up but they’ve left an absolute masterpiece.

- - -

Dire Straits - 'Brothers In Arms'

This is an album my dad always had on in the car. It was actually the only CD in the car for a very long time. I have fond memories of listening to it with my sisters up in the north of England so this album does a lot for me. I occasionally go back and revisit it.

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'Silhouettes' is out now.

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