German producer details some tales from the road...

German producer Roosevelt came of age playing in bands.

It wasn't until he began spending time absorbing club culture, though, that he truly found his calling. "What I really enjoyed about DJing," he explains, "was that you could see the results immediately - there was feedback and interaction from the crowd..."

Throwing himself into this new arena, Roosevelt began absorbing fresh sounds wherever he could find them, building a deeply individual tone and voice.

Releasing his debut full length this summer, the producer is due to return to the UK this week for an extensive tour.

Ahead of this, Clash caught up with Roosevelt and invited him to share some touring memories...

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Best Trip…
We went to Montenegro last summer and it was incredible.. Some amazing otherworldly landscapes and the most humble and friendly people.

Worst Trip…
I got incredibly sick after this year's Glastonbury. The weather was terrible and everyone was just covered in mud at some point... It was worth it though!

Our favourite foreign venue…
Paradiso Amsterdam and Apolo/Nitsa Barcelona.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
Mexico! Although we've never played a show there, it's become a kind of running gag that on any social media post at least three people are begging us to come play there.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
We tried whale meat in Iceland. Apart from feeling bad about it when i was eating it, it didn't even taste good. What a major bummer.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
I met Jez of A Certain Ratio at a show some time ago. It was really inspiring for me to see them still going, playing small venues all over the world and truly loving what they do.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
In 2013 we arrived in Olinda, a small village near Recife in Brazil. It felt like paradise to us so we jumped in the hotel pool the same night we got there. With the first jump I cut my toe in the pool and was bleeding like crazy. We had to wake up the whole hotel stuff and without really knowing what's happening they spilled a huge amount of alcohol on the wound. Probably the worst pains I have experienced.... Great trip though!

My essential travel item…
My noise cancelling headphones. I can’t sleep a wink on a plane without them.

My essential travel tip...
Put a fresh pair of socks and boxers on your live rider. This always saves my tour after a week on the road!

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Catch Roosevelt at the following shows:

22 Brighton The Green Door Store
23 London XOYO
25 Glasgow Broadcast
26 Leeds Brudenell Social Club
27 Manchester Night & Day

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