Naked golf carting and unfavourable coffee...
Night Moves (Credit: Bryan Derbella)

Night Moves don’t tend to lay down any rules.

After all, why should they? The Minneapolis band’s material sounds like psych-meets-country-meets-bubblegum pop, all sluiced through with a love for grand, pastoral, slightly melancholic songwriting.

Following their recent studio album ‘Pennied Days’ with digital-only EP ‘Carl Sagan’, Night Moves are busy cruising around the continent in their tour van.

Set to play a burst of UK shows next week, Night Moves kindly reflected on their touring experiences for Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip…
Naked golf carting at night around a summer home/resort town in Bonner Springs, KA - we almost tipped the cart which could have very well placed it in the below Worst Trip category, but we lucked out...

Worst Trip…
Anytime we have to travel across the Great Plains or through mountain passes in snow storms or whiteout conditions.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
Sao Paulo, Brazil - says the internet.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
Best - California Burritos in San Diego
Worst - California Burritos in San Diego

Like Heaven meeting Hell...

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
We stayed with a promoter one night in Ohio and he insisted we make beds once we got to his house, which for a touring band is just unwinding sleeping bags on the floor. Because he was so insistent and kept saying "let's make beds, let's make beds" it kind of felt like a paternal gesture, almost like situating the kids at a sleepover type thing.

We thought he was gonna murder us when he took us to a party he thought was by train tracks (?) and kept taking us to places around the city where he was a "regular," but it seemed like he pissed everyone off wherever he went.

We stayed up all night with this guy until the sun rose, and he no joke gave us some pussy willows he stole to take to the next gig. So we rode down the highway to Indianapolis with four pussy willows in the van poking us in the eyes and shit, very hungover, no sleep to the next gig. We'll never forget it.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
I'm not allergic to anything that I know of and never get hives or anything of the sort. However, I ate/drank an unfavourable coffee and turkey sandwich combo from Tim Hortons in Canada. I was unable to discern which one was the culprit. It could have also been the dusted spider bite motel we stayed in the previous night, although given the severity of the rash it's anyones guess.

My essential travel item…
Shoes and underwear.

My essential travel tip...
You can look hungover and shitty as ever, but if your breath and face smell like shit the general public will not take you seriously.

- - -

Catch Night Moves at the following shows:

14 Manchester Soup Kitchen
15 Bristol Crofters
16 London Omeara
17 Brighton The Hope & Ruin
19 Leeds Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
20 Glasgow Oran Mor

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