"It's hard for me not to go on a rant..."
Gabriel Bruce

Gabriel Bruce likes to do things his own way.

The singer's new album 'Come All Sufferers' is testament to that. Out now, it's a vivid, imaginative return, one that dips into pop, R&B, 80s electro funk, and a helluva lot more.

At heart, though, it's sheer Gabriel Bruce: broad, inventive, and playful. So, being the kind people we are, Clash invited Gabriel Bruce to review this week's singles.

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Klue – 'Daybreak'

Klue is somewhere he knows he shouldn’t be. Conflict. It feel’s ‘So Good'. Perhaps a sauna or natural geothermic hot spring? We never discover where exactly. He decides to stay - the nervous energy of the closely quantised beat made it hard for me to. But then, wait, this bridge almost sounds like Craig David. He’s dreamy isn’t he? Craig.

- - -

Nathan Sykes feat. G-Eazy – 'Give It Up'

This artless, ineptly autotuned pastiche of a Quincey Jones production is immediately repulsive to me. It is only made more harrowing by G-Eazy’s bafflingly inane verse. It’s hard for me not to go on a rant here about white people, I’ll just check my privilege and say a horrid three and a half minutes.

- - -

Benny Banassi ft. Chris Brown - 'Paradise'

Here we go, now I have something I can really get behind right? Chris Brown! Famous for horrible violence against a woman, a wonderful talented woman. Great let's give it a spin… Ok. Yeah. It’s absolute trash.

- - -

Naomi Pilgrim – 'Sink Like A Stone'

My cat Otis likes this one the most and he actually has very good taste. We’ve found ourselves in a lovely dubby bubble bath I think Otis. It’s not unpleasant actually. Have you ever seen a cat smile? It can be disconcerting.

- - -

Nite Jewel - 'Kiss The Screen'

This is quite nice. Did you notice all of this songs, every one was on a grid, each song had a synthetic beat and backing track… not long ago thing were different i hear, we heard music that contained a human heartbeat. we used to insist on it.

- - -

'Come All Sufferers' is out now.

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