Don Letts
Seven vital picks from the much-respected selector...

The white heat of the punk explosive scorched rock music into remarkable new shapes, altering youth culture forever.

But in the summer of 1977 there was one small problem: a lot of these bands hadn't actually released much music.

So when Don Letts - the Rastafarian face-about-town who worked in vital clothes emporium Seditionaries - got behind the decks at London clubs such as The Roxy, there was only one thing he could play.

Spinning the latest reggae cuts direct from Jamaica, Don Letts helped fuel the 'Punky Reggae Party' (as Bob Marley put it), with reggae becoming the punk movement's dance music of choice.

With that long hot summer now four decades old, the selector has stepped up to the plate to name the real sound of '77.

- - -

Dr. Alimantado - 'Born For A Purpose'

Famously championed by John Lydon when he was Rotten - the good doctor's album 'Best Dressed Chicken' was a must-have for dreads and punks alike.

- - -

Trinity - 'Three Piece Suit'

Whilst the masses were skanking to Althea and Donna's 'Uptown Top Rankin' which uses the same riddim this was the version that had them moving at The Roxy.

- - -

Junior Murvin - 'Police And Thieves'

You probably know that The Clash covered this Lee Scratch Perry produced classic - bet you didn't know he also said they ruined it!

- - -

The Congos - 'Fisherman'

Another 'Scratch' production this record perfectly blends the tradition of the Jamaican harmony trio with the emerging dub techniques pioneered by Perry himself.

- - -

Tapper Zukie - 'MPLA'

An artist that along with yours truly was summoned for impromptu performance with Patti Smith at The Hammersmith Odeon back in 1975 - not a lot a people know that!

- - -

Zap Pow - 'River'

Yet another Lee Perry production (there's no escaping the man in the late 70s) extremely chilled it borders on the surreal and it's one my favourite dubs of all time.

- - -

Culture - 'Two Sevens Clash'

Inspired by Marcus Garvey's prediction that there would be chaos when the 'two sevens' met (7.7.77)... and as it turned out there was of sorts but it wasn't in J.A it was in the U.K.

- - -

'Don Letts presents Culture Clash Radio' will be released on June 2nd.

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