Island newcomers get cultural...

There's much more to Flyte than meets the eye.

New single 'Closer Together' may well have a shimmering sense of melody and snappy hooks, but the instrumentation, the harmonies, the arrangement nod towards something deeper.

Out now, the track is accompanied by a flurry of live dates. In fact, Flyte are set to take the stage at Kendal Calling in just a few hours...

Before then, though, Clash challenged Flyte to get cultural.

Favourite book is Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh. Loved it so much we named the band after one it's characters. The sharp demise of something beautiful.

Kes by Ken Loach, it's real and meaningful, perfect intro to British cinema. 'Both wild...both alike in their love of freedom and contemptuous of the world around them...'

Cup holder

Innervisions, Stevie Wonder / Revolver, the Beatles / OK Computer, Radiohead / Moondance, Van Morrison / Graceland, Paul Simon / Hunky Dory, David Bowie / Strangeways Here We Come, The Smiths / Blue, Joni Mitchell / Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads.

TV Show
The Sopranos, modern day Shakespeare mate. Watched it over and over again.

Video Game
Going to have to be Goldeneye on N64.

- - -

'Closer Together' is out now.

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