Catching up with the 'Man Of The World'...
Baio (Credit: Dan Wilton)

2016 was - without doubt - a somewhat traumatic year for many, many people.

It was a year dominated by the rise of right wing populism, a year haunted by the victims of the migrant crisis, a year overwhelmed by Trump's victory and Brexit.

All the while Chris Baio - once of Vampire Weekend, now working alone - began sketching out a new solo album, responding and reacting to the events around him.

'Man Of The World' is out now, and it's a work dominated by a sense of progression. Baio explains:

"Writing 'Man Of The World' was my way of processing 2016, a year that began with the death of my favourite artist, David Bowie, and ended with the greatest political disruption of my adult life – all while I was a nomad, an American living in London, touring two continents, never fully of either place."

"It's partially about being trapped in my own head, obsessing about things it was too late to change, feeling afraid and guilty and alone. It’s also my attempt to document a certain sense of loss that felt both intensely personal and like part of a larger collective experience many were going through at once."

Set to play an intimate London show at the Waiting Room on July 19th, Baio dropped Clash a line...

- - -

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I'm currently reading The Master And Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov for the third time. I haven't ready many books three times in my life, but this one is definitely worth it. It's both bonkers and really emotionally affecting, which I think are great qualities to have in a work of art!

I thought Toni Erdmann was really tight. I hope that when I am an old man I am relentlessly pranking my grown children. My parents never prank me.

Sly and the Family Stone's 'There's A Riot Going On' is a classic that I've always loved and always will love. All my favourite records embraced the cutting edge recording technology of the time and combined it with great songwriting. It's a perfect record commenting on its time. It also sounds glorious on a spring or summer evening.

TV Show...
I got really bummed when it was announced that there wouldn't be a third season of The Knick because I fucking adored it. It had the best cinematography and soundtrack of any show on TV in my opinion. Something about acid house synths and New York in 1900 really worked. I also was a big fan of Clive Owen's mustache on the show!

My favourite gadget is my Toddy Home Cold Brew system. I spend my summer nights soaking coffee grounds with water so that I can spend my summer days pouring ice cold java down my gullet.

Video Game...
I haven't played video games with any regularity in the past twelve years, but I will admit that I am a stone cold Mario Kart 64 fiend.

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Catch Baio at the Waiting Room, London on July 19th.

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