A fresh, innovative selection that offers a glimpse into their evolution...

Post-rock, post-techno... post-everything, really. Except for ideas: worriedaboutsatan have a tonne of those.

The duo are currently busy piecing together their third album, teasing out fresh possibilities and mapping new ground.

Completing their latest UK tour tonight (August 12th), the electronic pairing kindly agreed to take part in the Clash DJ Mix series.

What we received surprised even us. Spectral electronics, the mix at times veers towards the ambient before suddenly flashing back into arresting focus.

Featuring a plethora of worriedaboutsatan-related goodies, it's a fine insight into one of this country's most intriguing electronic projects.

Tune in below.

1. Torches - Gavin Miller
2. Automatism - Mute Forest
3. Static Love - Sunset Graves with Jo Carson
4. The Clouds Flew Round With The Clouds (Bryce Hackford Remix) - Oliver Coates
5. Nobody's Been In Touch - A New Line (Related)
6. Time To Go - Thomas Ragsdale
7. Kawaita Tsuki / The Barren Moon (worriedaboutsatan Remix) - Lucy Claire & Yuri Kono
8. Earth Like Conditions (Instance Remix) - Matrixxman
9. Navy Blue - John Roberts
10. Hourglass Blood - Sunset Graves
11. Thot - Gaspard de la Montagne
12. Drop Frame - Efdemin
13. Pier Video (worriedaboutsatan Remix) - Face+Heel
14. All Forces Occur In Pairs - Baikal
15. One Million Oaks (Mark Broom Remix) - Itamar Sagi
16. Melczop 2 - Skee Mask
17. The Crane - Source Direct
18. Portrait Of A Man, Unraveling - Gavin Miller

- - -

Find worriedaboutsatan online HERE.

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