A mix in two distinct parts...
Shift Work

London imprint Houndstooth has stamped out a stellar reputation in a relatively short time.

The in-house label for fabric, Houndstooth somehow manages to uncover new talent, to explore fresh directions no one had thought to cover before.

Shift Work is a case in point. A pair of eccentric clubbers determined to do things their own way, Houndstooth is giving them the space to be themselves.

Working on a new EP, the production duo have sculpted a mix for Clash. Curiously, the mix is actually two separate selections pieced together as one - Mark handles the first part, Johnny works on the second.

Mark: The first half I thought I’d choose some tracks I've been enjoying these past twelve months; not all of it was actually released last year, so this is more a personal 2015 list. So here it is... love the deep bassline of Sparky's Signals, really chilled out track. Then we have our labelmate Call Super's meltintu, with some lovely ambient textures going on. Next it's Zamilska. I saw her just over a year ago at Insomnia festival, really great set and some great hard industrial sounds in there... been listening to this again recently so wanted to include it. N'’hk koyxen with 845 - what can I say? Amazing acid squelch all over the gaff on this track. And then it fades out with the blissful 'Shapeshifter'. Bit of a Sunday afternoon track, that one.

Johnny: The latter half is for late night bedroom listening. Empty silence, intense noise, spoken word with kicks of drum. Best listened too post smoke with headphones.

Check it out now.

1. Sparky - Signals
2. Call Super - Meltintu
3. Zamilska - Army
4. NH'K yx koyxen - 845
5. Aurora Halal - Shapeshifter
6. Consumer Electronics - Air Lock
7. Throbbing Gristle - Trope
8. Consulate - Panzer
9. Paula Temple - Pul
10. Karenn - Pace Yourself
11. Clark - There's A Distance In You
12. Eomac - Su Riddim
13. Nils Frahm - Little Boy In A Space Suit

- - -

Catch Shift Work at Leeds' JUX Festival on February 20th and Berlin's Berghain on February 26th.

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