A sprawling web of sub-aqueous warehouse constructions...
Second Storey

When most people move house in London they tend to encounter a myriad of misfits, oddballs, and outsiders.

Sometimes, though, that can be a good thing. Moving into a new warehouse spare Second Storey was confronted by Nervous Horizon crew TSVI and Wallwork.

He reflects: “It’s not often you go to a viewing and your potential housemate actively wants you to make noise with no restrictions...”

Spawning their own intricate multi-verse, the producers hauled old ideas in through the front door and shipped out fresh innovation through the back.

Second Storey's new EP 'Spin Cycle' is out now on Nervous Horizon, and to coincide the beat maker has pieced together an intricate new mix for Clash.

Applying the same fastidious approach to this selection as he does to his own music, the mix is peppered with about-turns, sideways lunges, and voyages into the left-field.

A sprawling web of sub-aqueous warehouse constructions, you can get involved below.

Second Storey Intro
Deft - Vapid PT.1 (Project Mooncircle)
Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN - Untitled (Kontra-Musik)
Silent Harbour - Profundal Zone (Transcendent Records)
Lok44 - By Night (Trust)
Second Storey - Helicat (Houndstooth)
VC-118A - B76 Over Land (Radio Matrix)
Mono Junk Vs Mesak - Deep in my Electro Mind (Dum)
ITPDWIP - Dolphins Cry (brokntoys)
Mickey Pearce - Bumpy Chuckles (Ten Thousand Yen)
Neil Landstrumm - It’s Hot Outside (Hypercolour)
Second Storey - Sludge 3D (Nervous Horizon)
Kamera - Consignia (Yaleesa Hall Dub) (Phantasy Sound)
Cristian Vogel - Macropanopticontinuum (Tresor)
Second Storey & Appleblim - Gimme 6 (R&S)
Dario Zenker - There is Hope (Ilian Tape)
Second Storey - Bismuth (Houndstooth)
Terrence Dixon Pres. Population One - Multiple Choice (Pangaea Phase Dub) (Out Electronic Recordings)
Second Storey - Spin Cycle (Nervous Horizon)
Aleksi Perala - Y1 UK74R1512110 (Clone Basement Series)

- - -

'Spin Cycle' is out now.

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