European Repetitive Beats, indeed...
JeanGa and George

Scotland and France have long had a shared alliance, primarily as a means of ganging up on the English.

Now, though, it's more about a shared sense of being European, a cultural exchange that has found its root in club nights, and new production teams.

JeanGa and George sit neatly in this lineage: one is French, the other Scottish, and together they sculpt 'European Repetitive Beats'.

Ably borrowing from house and techno, the pair gleefully pilfer from dance culture before re-shaping those influences to suit their own nefarious ends.

The duo's debut album is out this Friday (January 20th) via Greco-Roman, and to celebrate we've asked them to craft the first Clash DJ Mix of 2017.

The pair don't disappoint. JeanGa and George deliver a mix that is in turns subtle and deeply physical, a real sense of balance born from years spent behind a mixer.

It's fun, too - from those quirky re-edits, right up until their own closing cut 'The Gates Of Dawn'.

Tune in now.

1. JeanGa And George - Rasputin
2. Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1512110
3. Cowboy Rhythmbox - Rattle
4. Mike Simonetti - Slave
5. Crooked Man - Preset
6. Redshape - Tel Aviv
7. Chaos In The CBD - Invisible Spectrum
8. Mosca - Cedar Wood State (Volt Mix)
9. Four Tet - For These Times
10. Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love (Luke Abbott remix)
11. JeanGa And George - Sunscreen (A JD Twitch Remix)
12. Shan - The City Never Sleeps
13. Sultan Shakes - OK Rub N Tug Remix
14. Joe Goddard - Lasers
15. JeanGa And George - The Gates Of Dawn

- - -

'European Repetitive Beats' is due to be released on January 20th.

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