James Hadfield
A typically expert selection of house flavours...

When Man Power launched his new Me Me Me imprint the producer signalled his intention to seek out something special, something a little outside the norm.

In the space of only a few releases he's managed to do this, building up a reputation for ignoring trends while seeking out dancefloor belters.

The latest Me Me Me releases pits nabs a true hero of underground house, with James Hadfield working alongside Danny Linton.

By way of celebration James Hadfield has pieced together a special mix for your ears, raiding his record bag for expertly prepared beats.

Formerly using monikers like Lizards and Elizabeth Collective, the producer has been a beguiling presence within British house music for over a decade now.

This range of experience shows through in his mix - in the clinical yet subtle mixing, the diverse selection, and of course the overall sound and approach.

Check it out now.

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