A pivotal figure in Bristol's dance culture returns...

Bristol has its own flavour, its own style.

It's an independence of mind and spirit, a willingness to tread its own path.

Put simply: Bristol folk do it their own way, come hell or high water. Gemmy was pivotal in Bristol's reaction to the dubstep charge, fusing wonky hip-hop flavours to UK bass culture across a string of vital EPs.

New EP 'Bamboozled' is out now on World Of Wonders, and it's rooted in his now trademark sound while also accepting fresh influences.

A key aspect of his approach is that slumped rhythmic appeal, a subtle yet highly developed technique that rolls slowly out of the system.

Nowhere is that more evident than on this new Clash DJ Mix - a fluid, entrancing selection, a finely balanced fusion of the familiar and the unknown.

Tune in now.

- - -

'Bamboozled' is out now.

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