Brighton talent goes a little deeper...

Zak Brashill, AKA Etch, has always had a penchant for the sounds of the jungle. It’s something which can be traced back to the moment an emigrating uncle left a stack of dusty 12”s in his hands, initiating him into the darker sounds of the UK bass underbelly.

Etch’s own productions (including ‘The Serpent And The Rainbow’ on Parris’s Soundman Chronicles, which we premiered, as well as the mighty ‘Toxin’) often feature a smattering of sultry breaks, while drawing for the sounds of dubstep, garage and grime.

On this eclectic new mix that the Brighton-based producer has spun for us, trap sounds get skewered and karate chopped up into jungle rhythms, while he blends in Dean Blunt in his Babyfather guise together with a cut off HudMo’s ‘Polyfolk Dance’ EP, not to mention a new one of his own; ‘Get Out Of My Head’, which you can look out for on Purple City.

Press play and get deep.

Lil Ugly Mane – Collapse & Appear [ORMOLYCKA]
Matrix – Undersea Flight [Metalheadz]
Babyfather – God Hour Ft. Mica Levi [Hyperdub]
Zuli – Robotic Handshake In 4D [UIQ]
Hudson Mohawke – Yonard [Warp]
Gohda – Cold Blood [Unreleased]
Etch – Cosmic B-Boy [Forthcoming Gully/Well Rounded]
Ed Rush & Nico – Bludclot Artattack [No U Turn]
Silver Fox – The Dawndest Thing [Three Scars Records]
Flytronix – Shadowlandz [White House Records]
DJ Krust – Poison [V Recordings]
DJ Trace – Lost Entity (New York Side) [Lucky Spin]
Martian Man – Keep Your Dread (Version One) [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]
Gangstarr – Speak Ya Clout (Etch Lil Dap Edit) [Unreleased]
Drae Da Skimask – Operation Lockdown [Astral Black]
Portishead – Numb [Go! Beat]
Aardvarck – Smurf [Nod Navigators]
Etch – Get Out Of My Head [Forthcoming Purple City]
DJ Krush – Kemuri [Mo Wax]
Floating Points – Radiality [Eglo]

- - -

Words: Felicity Martin

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