A red hot selection, packed with exclusives...
Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

Glasgow's nefarious, labyrinthine, electronic underworld is throwing up some real gems of late.

From powerhouses such as Numbers and LuckyMe to newcomers such as All Caps the Caledonian city seems to be awash with new talent, with people taking club culture in fresh, distorted, and vivid directions.

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams is one of the city's more curious imprints / party-throwers, a looseknit collective of DJs and producers who seize upon the tattered, less explored regions of house and techno.

Releasing a string of vital cuts, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams tread their own path – and that's precisely what makes them so special.

The crew recently pieced together a brand new mix, packed with stellar tunes and red hot exclusives.

Check it out below.

Malcolm Tucker - Don't call me English
Delphi - ??????? (Tiger & Woods)
The Lincoln Boys - Check It Out (99st Mix) (Dance Mania)
Faheem - Must Be The Music (Dance Mania)
Mr Barcode - Rise Of The Machines (MFF)
Fear-E - Kounter It With A Bat (DABJ)
Pfantasy Club - Never Give Up (Acid Mix) (Dance Mania)
Big Miz - Break The Law (DABJ)
Armandø - Hey Girl (Original Mix) (Plastik People)
Trevino - Backtracking (Schatrax Remix) (The Nothing Special)
Sparky - Seven Daggers (Optimo)
Big Miz - Stand Up (DABJ)
Untitled - IJ6 (Italo Johnson)
Bryan Kessler - Hi, How Are You (Numbers)
Anil Aris - Shake Dat Ass (Hot Shit)
Fear-E - Rumble In The Bronx (DABJ)
Malcolm Tucker - Don't call me English

- - -

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