Dead Light
Joining the dots between electronic, ambient, and classical...

When Anna Rose Carter and Ed Hamilton swapped London for a new home in the countryside they knew the change would impact upon them both.

However it's doubtful if they realised just how deeply it would change them. A different pace, a different landscape, a different mindset - the two were thrust into a quite different world.

Continuing to make music together, the Dead Light project emerged from this state of flux, and it reflects an imagination that is torn between two poles.

Working at Pie Corner between September 2014 and May 2016 the duo constructed their new eponymously titled album, joining the dots between electronic, ambient, and classical.

Out now, it's a remarkable, absorbing experience, one in which moods, colours, and hues pass in lucid circumstance.

With Autumn now firmly entrenched around us, Clash invited Dead Light to construct a new mix - you can practically hear the leaves fall outside their country abode...

Tune in now.

- - -

Dead Light's self-titled debut album is out now.

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