A weightless journey on an imaginary dancefloor...

Some producers met at a seminal club night, others were introduced by iconic artists - Atella's Magnus and Johannes met during a piggyback race.

The back story seems to sum up the Norwegian duo's incredible sense of humour. There's an impish sense of imagination to their work, matching frisky electronics to that gently uplifting atmosphere.

The pair hooked up with O. Martin for new cut 'Mechanical Sparrow', and it's out now via Eskimo Recordings. To coincide, Atella are due to launch their new Voyage mix series, and Clash is able to air the first instalment.

Atella explain: "3, 2, 1 - lift off! With our first mix in the new series 'Voyage', we are taking you into a weightless journey. You will feel a sense of freedom, but also loneliness. Swaying alone on an imaginary dance floor. The musical gravity slings you farther and faster into a deep space - lost in the groove."

Tune in now.

1. Atella feat. O. Martin - Mechanical Sparrow (Atella Club Mix) [Eskimo]
2. Crazy P - Something More (Hod Toddy’s Percky Dub) [Walk Don’t Talk LTD]
3. DJ Steef - Oh Ouais [Biomix]
4. Tarjei Nygård & Øystein Odden feat. Espen Kåsa - Sleeping (Original Mix) [Maksimal]
5. Sure Thing - Holding You Tight (Rob Mello’s No Ears Dub Version) [Defected]
6. Prins Thomas - Aoa (Kort Miks) [Full Pupp] w/Comet67P feat. Rosetta - Singing Comet [ESA]
7. NTEIBINT - A Baby For My Bass [Eskimo]
8. Hieroglyphic Being - Imaginary Soundscapes 9 (Prins Thomas Version) [Eskimo]
9. Joel Alter - Got It [Uncanny Valley]
10. Pompeya - Does (The Twelves Club Remix) [No Shame]
11. Daft Punk - Musique (Atella Edit)
12. Alain Ho - Into A Deep (Hot Toddy Remix) [The Exquisite Pain]
13. Pompeya - Satellite (Ben La Desh Remix) [No Shame]
14. Audion - Mouth To Mouth [Spectral Sound] w/ Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik Vox
15. Van Bellen - Let Me Take You (On A Journey) (Sebastien Leger Remix) [Systematic]

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Photo Credit: Øystein Haara

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