Arno E. Mathieu
A fusion of the classic and the international...

The rhythm has always been key for Arno E. Mathieu.

As a child, he became enraptured with his parents' jazz collection, with the rolling percussion and the stabbing horns.

Growing a little older, he immersed himself in club culture, with his productions aligning themselves to the deeper aspects of both house and techno.

New EP 'Circumstances Of Chaos - Phase 1' is out now, and it's a typically strong return, one that filters numerous fresh ideas through that impeccable rhythmic chassis.

Arno E. Mathieu has crafted the latest in our DJ Mix series, and it's frankly superb: a deeper than deep selection that fuses his inspirations with rare cuts.

Sluicing through pivotal house and techno with David Byrne and King Sunny Ade, this is an uplifting, at times inspiring, selection.

Tune in now.

1. Arno E. Mathieu - '7JANVIER2015'
2. Davis - 'Taxon'
3. UR - 'Transition Vox'
4. Homme - 'Vier Haufen'
5. Aquarius Heaven - 'Bateau Charge'
6. Dresvn - 'First Voyage' (DJ Sotofett Remix)
7. Lars Bartkhun - 'Nomad'
8. Yotam Avni - 'Pentimento' (Joe Clauseell Remix)
9. Arno E. Mathieu - 'Circumstances Of Chaos'
11. David Byrne - 'Big Business'
12. King Sunny Ade - 'The Message'

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