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Alessia Cara is coming for you. The Canadian star-in-the-making recently hit London, with new single 'Here' virtually plastered to the air waves.

It's a sound that is impossible to pin down. Alessia resolutely refuses to be hemmed in by genre lines, part of a new generation whose creative imagination is partially shaped by the internet's infinite expanse.

"I get stuck in those YouTube vortexes and online stuff," she told Clash recently. "And I’m just noticing all these sub-genres and hidden things that are so amazing. I started growing my playlists online and on my phone. I’m on iTunes everyday and there’s always something cool. I think genre is so wide in general now; anything can be pop, anything can be R&B."

New album 'Know It All' is forthcoming, and it's marked by her observational eye. An eclectic, wide-ranging but devoutly pop debut, it finds the Canadian artist warmly embracing the world around her. "Conceptually, the album is just themed around me looking at life from the outside in and just observing things," she explains. "It’s called 'Know It All' because as teens, especially me as a young person, I always think I know everything. I’m like ‘Oh I have everything figured out, I’m fine.’ But I really don’t at all, I’m just trying to figure it out as I go."

A film crew accompanied Alessia on her whirlwind trip around London - the footage is raw, but that's just the way she rolls. "I never feel pressured," she muses to Clash. "I just go in and say how I feel, and I know that they’ll accept it."

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Watch the video for 'Here' below.

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Alessia Cara's album 'Know It All' will be released on March 11th - catch her live at Brixton Electric, London on March 23rd.

Words: Robin Murray
Interview: Grant Brydon

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