The Danish label embarks on a new, sporting collaboration.

Following last year’s Disney hook up, Wood Wood this season continues to retrace the alphabet with a new Champion collaboration.

One of three designers handpicked to partner the American sports label – Timo Weiland and Craig Green make up the trio – the concept is the work of international tradeshow Capsule.

For its part, the Danish label has produced a seven piece capsule collection featuring both men’s and womenswear in a trademark monochrome palette; the Channing Dress (a hero piece for the brand) features, likewise a branded sports bra, slim-fit shorts, cotton tees, sweatshirts and a coach jacket.

“For me,” states Wood Wood designer Karl Oskar Olsen, “Champion reflects American sportswear legacy as the most authentic brand of all. The brand also reflects my youth as it played a major part of the whole graffiti/Hip Hop culture in Copenhagen in the 90’s, where Champion hoodies and basketball jerseys were obligatory.”

Titled Champion Select – to differentiate between the brand’s athletic ancestry and contemporary fashion project – the collection has been created exclusively for Urban Outfitters in the US, while Wood Wood boasts the only EU offering.


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