The singer turns designer for a new capsule line.

In 2015 they tapped Riri for a Creative Director position and reimagined Camron’s iconic pink look in sock form: this week Stance drops its debut Willow Smith offering.

Part of the Cali label’s creative visionaries collective, Smith's capsule collection marries her fierce creativity with a knowledge hungry outlook and is comprised of three would-be track-title named styles: You Thought You Knew, Earth vs. Cosmo, and Step Into The Unknown.

“I just wanted people to see how I see, through these socks,” explains the singer in an accompanying short, here. “With Stance,” she continues elsewhere,” I was given total creative freedom to tell a story and share my vision. I pull a lot of inspiration from the idea that there is more about this world than the here and now, and that’s what this collection represents to me. I like the thought that every day you can step into the unknown.”

Produced in two fits – the 200 Everyday and the Tall Boot – the line-up is part of Stance’s Muse series and was apparently inspired by the ever changing universe. Because socks can get deep too, ok?


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