The pair just dropped two new frames.

Needless to say, sunglasses don’t go off radar just because the temperature decides to drop or dark clouds start to appear; especially not when the pieces in question are the product of MYKITA and Bernard Willhelm’s long held relationship.

First shaking hands in 2009, the German eyewear brand and Bjork collaborator have since partnered several times, the fruits of which can be found on the former’s web space.

Marrying the designer’s innovative approach to aesthetics with contemporary culture, this season pair have come up with 'Vice' and 'Hansi', inspired by Sylvester Stallone and classic aviators respectively.

While the latter boasts a curved frame and is perhaps the more conservative of the two, the former’s XXL position displays a modern interpretation of 80’s era Miami; both have been produced in a series of bright shades, as per Willhelm’s typical palette.


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