Exclusive to Selfridges...

Aside from his award winning sound, what also sets Skepta apart on the international stage, is his minimal, and especially British sense of style.

It’s little surprise then that the Grime Icon’s first fashion line Mains, is inspired by the fresh off the rack tracksuit look that’s unique to many London natives.

Reworking and refining the codes of this aesthetic to create a luxury offering, Mains currently features t-shirts, track pants, and a distinctive new collared sweatshirt, with further product drops slated for September.

Setting itself apart from many recording artist's forays into design, that might fall better under the merchandise category, the carefully considered collection is also completely logoless.

Created by specialist manufacturers from premium European fabrics, Mains is currently stocked exclusively at Selfridges, with wider availability from mainslondon.com set for July 10th.




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