Burberry Buckle Eyewear
Buckle up...

Burberry’s new Buckle Eyewear Collection has distilled elements of the brands iconic trench coats, into a sharp new range of sunglasses and spectacles.

Featuring distinctive gold-tone buckles at the temples, and a mixing of solid colours and tortoiseshells, of all the styles on offer we’re most drawn to the optics that are pictured here.

It’s a bit of a cliché to say that glasses make you look smarter, but this particular style does speak of a certain kind of intellectual. Personally we’re thinking someone in the arts.

As Burberry is so intrinsically British, It’d be fair to assume the model that’s sporting them also is, but actually we’re imagining she’s American. A 90s coffee house dwelling singer-songwriter type, likely of the pop-rock variety. A Lisa Loeb sort, or some similar image of purity with just the slightest sense of edge. A combination which as it happens, perfectly describes the glasses themselves, which are softly circular with a faint element of Cat Eye. 



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