The brand looks ahead for SS16.
adidas Originals: Future

How would you like to see the cult, early noughties Channel 5 show ‘The Tribe’, remade with the crew all dressed in adidas Originals? It’d be interesting, if a bit weird, right?

Well, that’s not about to happen, but certainly there are references to the show in the German brand’s latest short, below. All burning cars/forests, plenty of concrete, pink smoke/lights, gas marks and selfie sticks, for SS16 adidas Originals has tapped the future as a key starting point.


Working with South African director Terence Neale, the new clip sets the pace for Originals forthcoming season, in which adidas challenges fans to upset the status quo, to do their own thing, to be the change.

Marching towards an optimistic tomorrow (both literally and metaphorically) in some messed up dystopian environment, the clip’s group of eight boasts contemporary creators and artists such as Aleali May, Iman Shumpert, Kyu Steed and Design Butler.

And no doubt this is just the beginning.


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